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Begin Again (2014)

two characters at their lowpoints on a joint revival process~ lel despite having a fairly familiar plot it has enough charm and good music to be watchable. feel good film~ will prolly put ‘lost stars’ on loop for a few days haha.

** where can i get a splitter in PH? haha

Love Story (1995; Iwai Shunji)

About lost love and innocence. warm and nostalgic. one of the most subtle and heartfelt romantic film i have ever seen. God, i can’t explain how perfect the final scene is. i’m in love with it! bittersweet~ can’t think of a better ending. amazing and beautifully told. my new favorite!

The Battery (2012; Indie)

Really well made~ from screenplay, characters to the soundtrack. might not be for everyone though coz of its slow pace and lack of action. more like a character study than a zombie film. no running zombies and shaky cams! lol hats off for trying something different~

* just overly long lol sorry i get bored easily

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (2014)

New government’s plea for help against Shishio, Kenshin’s farewell to Kaoru, quest to find Arai and a new sword, story about the watchers and Misao, an intro to another side-villain; Aoshi, plot to burn Kyoto, Ten Swords exposure and a love-suicide rescue crammed into 120 minutes. what a treat! entire second film would make a great 20 episode rl series on its own! haha

found a youtube link of Misao and Kenshin’s first encounter and i feel like watching from there onwards. i want to learn about the story first hand. Dying to see ‘The Legend Ends’ already! fortunately, we only have to wait a month for it.

Misao and Kaoru didn’t kiss. i’m disappointed! lol kidding

Enemy (2014)

Holy Bejeezus batman! this is one mindfuck of a movie! has one of the most disturbing ending i’ve seen on film. like “what the actual fuck!”. staring at the credits took me a while to grasp that it ended. lmfao

Disturbing imagery, uneasy tone and an eerie score. lives in symbolism and metaphor: says so much by showing so little~ dim and abstract: almost grayish and yellow. more of an art house film w/c is not for everybody. but invokes thinking which makes a good-great film on my book. had a renewed appreciation for it when i learned about its meaning. i say this one is really well done. go see it.

"chaos is order yet undeciphered"

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Beautiful imagery, stunning visuals and remarkable CGI over an easygoing and lazy story. A wasted opportunity. Full of good ideas but is badly ridden with holes. Gets tiring to watch after the first hour. you’d pretty much know how it’d turn out. nothing ground breaking.

It’s a pity the film is let down by a succession of small flaws. I did like it and i wanted to love it but doesn’t quite pull it off.

- humans and simians had no contact for 10 years when they aren’t even that far from each other.
- humans just had the idea of a hydro dam when they have just a month left of power. great forward planning.
- camcorder worked after 10 years.
- a few good men cliche
- how do those chimps reload? and don’t get me started with the tank.
- caesar doesn’t want war but he stays in the city and waited for the army.
- this isn’t nitpicking hahah

Broken (2014)

Father of a victim turned fugitive as he took a plight to kill the guys who killed and raped his daughter. 
Dull and gloomy (duh). Nothing over the top: like something you have seen before (sadly, yes). Effectively tense, draining and emotional. just overly long.

showed how fucked up justice system can be. raises arguments about adult crimes regarding minors. fuck morality and ethics~ anyone capable of such crime should never be considered a “minor”.

Hercules (2014)

If you’re expecting a realistic depiction of the greek hero you’d be disappointed. Silly me! lol just by the fact that ‘The Rock’ was casted as Hercules, you know it’s gonna be a joke. (i’m not saying The Rock isn’t a good actor. He was miscast)

Poor dialogue, flat characters, tongue in cheek humor.. meh! i wouldn’t go far so as to call it a bad film. just isn’t nearly as good as it was hyped. Hardly mediocre~ a potential cable tv classic.

Plan Man (2014)

About a man who plans every single part of his life. lightheartedly tackles OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Odd couple romance, likable characters, some melodrama and a few good laughs. Just a tad bit long.

Han Ji Min is hot. jeezus!

Coherence (2013)

mind-bending and tense. like a good episode of Twilight zone. screws your mind through quantum mechanics. basically, Schrodinger’s cat on crack. a bit for the science nut. i admit i got lost half-way lmao which just made me more glued. “the less you know, the better” lol

has indie feel. dialogue-driven, flowy and random. unique experience. pretty original.

Happy Birthday to the best dad in the World! Bagets na bagets pa~ haha

Reunion~ haha lahat taga-Cavite pero once in a blue moon kung magkita lol #YFC #random

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my fancam~ :D

Park Shin Hye sang a tagalog song: Kailan- MYMP as a surprise for her filipino fans. the effort to learn the song made me love her more. 


[LOL] Best faces of the night

Sorry this has to be made… I love her and her troll faces :P

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