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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Beautiful imagery, stunning visuals and remarkable CGI over an easygoing and lazy story. A wasted opportunity. Full of good ideas but is badly ridden with holes. Gets tiring to watch after the first hour. you’d pretty much know how it’d turn out. nothing ground breaking.

It’s a pity the film is let down by a succession of small flaws. I did like it and i wanted to love it but doesn’t quite pull it off.

- humans and simians had no contact for 10 years when they aren’t even that far from each other.
- humans just had the idea of a hydro dam when they have just a month left of power. great forward planning.
- camcorder worked after 10 years.
- a few good men cliche
- how do those chimps reload? and don’t get me started with the tank.
- caesar doesn’t want war but he stays in the city and waited for the army.
- this isn’t nitpicking hahah

Broken (2014)

Father of a victim turned fugitive as he took a plight to kill the guys who killed and raped his daughter. 
Dull and gloomy (duh). Nothing over the top: like something you have seen before (sadly, yes). Effectively tense, draining and emotional. just overly long.

showed how fucked up justice system can be. raises arguments about adult crimes regarding minors. fuck morality and ethics~ anyone capable of such crime should never be considered a “minor”.

Hercules (2014)

If you’re expecting a realistic depiction of the greek hero you’d be disappointed. Silly me! lol just by the fact that ‘The Rock’ was casted as Hercules, you know it’s gonna be a joke. (i’m not saying The Rock isn’t a good actor. He was miscast)

Poor dialogue, flat characters, tongue in cheek humor.. meh! i wouldn’t go far so as to call it a bad film. just isn’t nearly as good as it was hyped. Hardly mediocre~ a potential cable tv classic.

Plan Man (2014)

About a man who plans every single part of his life. lightheartedly tackles OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Odd couple romance, likable characters, some melodrama and a few good laughs. Just a tad bit long.

Han Ji Min is hot. jeezus!

Coherence (2013)

mind-bending and tense. like a good episode of Twilight zone. screws your mind through quantum mechanics. basically, Schrodinger’s cat on crack. a bit for the science nut. i admit i got lost half-way lmao which just made me more glued. “the less you know, the better” lol

has indie feel. dialogue-driven, flowy and random. unique experience. pretty original.

Happy Birthday to the best dad in the World! Bagets na bagets pa~ haha

Reunion~ haha lahat taga-Cavite pero once in a blue moon kung magkita lol #YFC #random

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my fancam~ :D

Park Shin Hye sang a tagalog song: Kailan- MYMP as a surprise for her filipino fans. the effort to learn the song made me love her more. 


[LOL] Best faces of the night

Sorry this has to be made… I love her and her troll faces :P

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DKFC Backstage Pics my phone!
HAHAHA~ special thanks to pat
EXO Boys~  

DKFC Presscon at Manila Hotel 011713
proud of my shots~ hahaha

Jungbin, Jisoo, Ari, Miso, Jin, Minjae <333

DKFC Presscon pics at Manila Hotel 011813
UKISS and INFINITE (w/o Hoya and Dongwoo)

proud of my shots~ hahaha

ang Bakla ng taon, Diorella Regine Angeles. lmao happy 29th, love you~


rom-com bout a struggling novelist whose fictional character, Ruby Sparks, came to life. does it ring a bell? kkk .yes, the Pygmalion! the sculptor who fell in love with a statue he carved lel

To be honest i would love to have my own “Ruby” too!. if given the chance.. i wouldn’t let that go to waste! All men would envy me~ lol I would kill to have a beautiful, hot redhead on my kitchen makin’ me breakfast~

Zoe Kazan is just too adorable! think of Zooey Deschanel in “New Girl”. a bit like that but more complex and emotionally involved. Kazan calls her role a “Manic Pixie Girl”. whatever that is, I like it!

I also read that the Directors, Dayton and Faris are married irl! Kazan and Dano, the two stars of the film, happened to be a real life couple too. How cool is that? :D if that wasn’t cool enough, Zoe Kazan also wrote the screenplay for “Ruby”. Amazing.

fresh, fun and engaging. became a tad bit sad though. kinda expected that but it still got me. ” We should accept a person for who they are and not for what we want them to be~” a good watch. 

Introduction to Architecture / Architecture 101 ( 건축학개론 ) 2012

Film is on two time periods, The present and the flashback. pace was slow to show how they developed their feelings from the past and how she attempts to rekindle the love they’ve had before in the present.

Who wouldn’t love a movie about “First Love”? :) It brings back memories! (regardless if it’s good or not)~

film showed Seungmin and SeoYeon’s inability to show their true feelings to each other and how they kept their love to themselves. (Which is true! those things happen~) The reality of being young and awkward. Not everyone has the courage and we are all afraid of rejection. Real talk! Haha~ As the two weren’t able to express their love to each other, it drifted them apart and misunderstanding took over. They were each other’s first love and they never knew, until it is 15 years too late. :(

I fell in love with the movie. The way it was written, the great cast and how realistic it was. It tackles the realization that In life we make our own happy ending. If we love someone but we don’t have the courage to tell him/her, nothing good or bad will happen.

loved how it ended. could’ve had a happier ending, but I like as it is. There couldn’t be any more practical ending than this. The guy is already engaged and the girl just came out of divorce. It would be unethical to have them together just like that. The ending was just fine. Bittersweet~

recommendable. Bae Suzy and Han Ga In are so pretty. It’s definitely something I would watch again.


- I love how The CD player+CD served as their closure. Simple yet telling.
- Communication is important to avoid misunderstanding. :D
- Isn’t it bad that he would still pursue marrying her when he is having second thoughts on the last minute?
- SeoYeon will live 2 years with her father in Jeju. 2 years to stay single. They can still end up together. Seungmin’s fiancee is kind of a bitch anyway. :D
- I would love to have Suzy for Christmas or Han Gain :D